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Our solutions for independent financial development and financing of personal or professional projects include research, infrastructure and a wide range of products and services. We offer high net worth and high net worth individuals around the world a full range of bespoke investment and advisory services. Our range extends from investment management to estate planning and business financing advice, in addition to specific wealth management products and services as well as the financing of personal or professional projects for individuals or companies everywhere.

What are our goals?

We have set ourselves the objectives of helping individuals and businesses throughout the period of the current financial crisis. Our investment fund of 760,000,000 USDT was financed by our various investors all over the world, but primarily based in Dubai. Follow, advise, assist and finance the projects of individuals and companies while keeping futuristic entrepreneurial partnership links if necessary

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Our mission

Contribute actively to the development of the regional economy and more particularly that of its host countries.

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Our vision

Organize and innovate to facilitate the growing middle class transactions and the future needs of young people in large numbers.

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We charge 10% of loaned amount as interest fee. Balance must exceed or equal to 50% of loaned amount as collateral. Participation in save 4 me & PY scheme will not be allowed until loan is paid.

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We want to create superior value for our clients, shareholders and employees. And we want to stand out as a winner in our industry: for our expertise, advice and execution, our contribution to society, our work environment, and our business success. Fintech is a registered investment platform providing digital asset investment management services to individuals. We provide a dynamic investment solution to clients in need of a self-operating portfolio, as well as a smart fund with flexible time and investment amount.

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Corporate internet banking is a secure online banking platform that enables cutomers make transfers to anyone in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Yes account update requsests can be made at any of the branches

Accounts become dormant after 6 months of inactivity

Yes, the account can be operated through any of our internet banking solution.


What our client say about us

87% of individuals and companies who have requested a follow-up or financial assistance from Kora Credit, are satisfied with the solutions that we offer them before. This is the case of developing several cryptocurrency projects that we have followed and assisted all along the way, and we continue to assist them as well.


Jason Well

Forex trader

In my job as a trader, the first problem encountered was that of a substantial capital to operate on the financial markets. Kora Credit was sure to help me solve this problem.


JacK Mill

Market analyst

Kora Credit, a team of exceptionally positive executives. I could say that never has a hedge fund management company been so attentive and concerned about the positive advancement of their clients. But I just prefer to find out for yourself.


Micheal Pete

Forex analyst

What I liked with Kora Credit is their attention and delicacy during the development of my files.


Big brother

Web developer

My experience with Kora Credit has been exceptional !